11 August, 2008

toasted! (Dare To Speak Public Speaking Program for Petronas Scholars 9/10 August 2008)


I'm just too lazy fer words. this post will be short+ pictures..

Just completed the Petronas Toastmasters Programme in Permata, Bangi which were conducted on 9th-10th august, which also necessitated me to sacrifice my weekend, nonetheless it worth my times thoroughly. The Facilitator, Sir Azmi Shahrin ws brilliant, I've learned a lot. we did lotsa public speaking ( dramatically, enthusiastically) and how to be presentable in front of people, so on n so forth. Its a way of preparing ourselves fer the interview session to be precise. and this morning, I drove alone to Permata and i somehow got lost.hahaha..smpai tersesat kt pintu pagar UPM.
thanx pacik guard kerane menolong!!

So, here's some picture yg sempat ditangkap b4 balik. Cam-whoring session with Affan, Anep, Niza.hihihi.

my fav!!

affan mcm nk menari cakpong je

aren't we adorable??

by Feena

Toastmaster Program for School Leavers...

Toastmaster Program for School Leavers...

It is a wonderful experience to be there in PERMATA to join a profitable program. I was called by En. Shari while I am on my holiday at Kelantan. At the day as what God fated, I went to Kuala Lumpur. I was there at 1130 GMT. As I reach Pekeliling Bus Hub, I called my sister. She told me that she was at the escalator near the STAR-LRT station. I met her there. We were planned to take a wonderful breath in SOGO before I went to Sg. Besi. My cousin was waiting at the Sg. Besi LRT Station. It just 15 minutes in the SOGO, my cousin called me and said that they are on the way to that station. I was so shocked. I just remembered that I haven’t called my cousin to tell her that I’ll be at SOGO to accompany my sister. I rushed off to the station. I hope the train will move faster. I reached Sg. Besi around 1330 GMT. It is an embarrassment or me because I’d make my cousin and her husband waited for me for about one hour. We just drop by her house to take our lunch. At 2 o’clock something, we were heading to Petronas Management Training Sdn. Bhd. It was situated at Bangi Institutional Area. An area which most of the training centre was allocated. It was a big area with hostel inside it. I’m the earliest participant to arrive there. I was checked-in at 1500 GMT. I thanked my cousin, Kak Teh and Abang Ridwan that send me there. I just sit in the room after my cousin went home. They need to prepare for their business at night market. So, as what I hoped, they sent me earlier there. I’ve called my friends to dissipate my boringness. I called Mad. We initially talking about which are more important career; engineer or doctor? Finally we made the most accurate conclusion; both careers are depending to each other. While I was talking to Mad, my roommate came in to the room with his family. They were shocked to see me inside the room and my time of arrival too. I’m please to see them. His name is Nazrul Hafiz. Please to meet you, Nazrul! Nazrul and I just keep waiting in the room. Finally, we heard a couple of click sound from the door. We glad to see our new roommates, Razi. It’s my pleasure to meet him. At last, before dawn, we accept our last final roommate. His name is Nazirul. I’m so charmed to know him. We then, were going downstairs to take our dinner. There we met our neighbors from the opposite room. Tan was taking his dinner together with Akmal and Hanif. After performing our Maghrib prayer at the pray hall, we went to LR Sapphire together. There we met En. Norman and we did have our brief introduction to the course and about other participant. There I started to met Raja Shahadan from Kelantan. I met Fatin, Aini, Syimma, Murni, Amilia and Nabilah too. It was a wonderful experience to know them all. We had a two-day course there.

This is the list of our class member:-

  1. Ahmad Ibrahem (KISAS)
  2. Amilia (KISAS)
  3. Nazrul Hafiz (SEMESTI)
  4. Syimma (SEMESTI)
  5. Hanif (SMKA SHAMS)
  6. Murni Wadaah (SSP)
  7. Nabilah (SSP)
  8. Nazirul (SERATAS)
  9. Aini (SMK Geliga, Kemaman)
  10. Razi (SMK La Salle, Klang )
  11. Fatin (SAMURA)
  12. Tan (St. Michael Institution)
  13. Akmal (MRSM Taiping)
  14. Raja (SMS Tengku Muhamad Faris Petra)

During our first class, I was shocked to see the trainer’s name. He is Azmi Shahrin! The person that had come to my college to give keynote address to our English Week Launching Ceremony. I was also had made a brief research of his background while I was completing my task during English class. Well, it is easy to learn something from a person that we knew than learning something from stranger. Well, as an introduction, we acted as interviewer to our friends. We sat in a group that consisted of boys and girls. It is a new thing to me to sat one table with girls. Then, we need to present our friends to the rest of the class. During that session, we learn how to apply our body gestures. It was more confident if we talk with our hands in Muslim prayer position. First thing to do if you need to give a speech in an occasion is;

  1. Prepare and practice
  2. Take deep breath.
  3. Look at friendly, smiling and happy faces.

We also were being taught by Mr. Azmi that in order to overcome our nervousness, we need to gain more experience. Well, I am actually hoped that I’ll join a Toastmaster club someday. Along that day we learnt about something important; removing our speech crutches such as ‘um’, ‘ah’,’ok’ and etc. We also learnt that the words that end with ‘t’ and ‘te’ have the ‘teh’ sound. Well, I can’t give some example because it is needed to do by practical. In the evening, we learnt about speech organization. There is a template to help speakers in organizing their speech.


- Tell audience what you are going to speak.

- Benefits to audience when they hear your speech.

- Briefly state what is your point.


- State your idea

- Elaborate it

- State example

- Repeat


- Summarize your points

- Call for action

We then practice our new knowledge in our speech. I choose to present about ‘The person I admire most…’ It is an interesting topic since I choose to talk about my mentor, Faisal Tehrani. I made a moderate speech. But still, I tried to apply all my knowledge that I get there. Hah! I’m almost forgot to tell you’ll that word end with ‘k’, ‘ke’ and ‘c’ had the ‘keh’ sound when we pronounce it. Words that end with ‘p’ also have the sound ‘peh’ in its pronunciation. Again, I can’t demonstrate it! Heheh..It’s okay. If you want me to teach you how to pronounce it, you can easily add me as your contact in Yahoo Messenger. I can show you there. So, just add me at penulis_pahang@yahoo.com. We end our session that evening at 1700 GMT. We were then performing our Asar prayer before we have our indoor and outdoor game activities. I’m initially choose to have a ride around PERMATA. I went cycling with Akmal. It was so boring. PERMATA just don’t have interesting place for us to sit. I do suggest to PERMATA for having a small lake and automatically add more facilities especially in water sports. Then, after returned the bicycle to its place, we just borrow the pool set from the reception counter. I played it with Akmal. It was my first time playing that game. At the beginning, it was hard. But, after got tips from Akmal, I know how to play. We played two games in 30 minutes. After returned the pool set, we waited for our dinner. It was wonderful as that time was our last dinner there. We just don’t know what to do that night since PERMATA offer no games or activity at night. It maybe to protect others’ privacy. Again, to dissipate my boringness, I called Zoolhelmi. He is going to Langkawi for a holiday with Safwan (a.k.a Cipon). I slept that night at 10 p.m. something. Hmm…The next day started and I’m impatience to start our class. Well, that day we learnt how to speak under pressure. It is indeed, we talk without anticipation when there was pressure on us. Haha..You know what? Mr. Azmi gave us a topic for us argues with. The topic was women are better leader than men. We are divided into Teruna and Dara Team. Teruna team consisted of seven boys and Dara team consists of 6 girls and Raja, act as the leader was the only boy in that team. It is quite tough for us. We need to prove that women are better leaders than men since we are proposing the topic. It was hot! Haha…I’m not meant to being snob or arrogant but debate is my cup of tea. Well, I did practiced what I learnt at KISAS. It called debate strategy. It is important to let your opponent mentally and emotionally down. I did it well. After having the special debate, we had given some time by our trainer to prepare our manifesto since we are being one of the candidates in Malaysia 13-th General Election. I choose to found my own party named People Right Party (PRP) my manifesto is just one; to give the right of petroleum and national treasure to the citizen. With the right that people have, I can do the entire manifesto from other party. Haha...So simple, right? Alhamdulillah, I do it well. After debate and campaign session, we took our lunch. I sit together with Raja, Mr. Azmi and my other friends. After chatting with my friends for about 5 minutes, a PETRONAS worker join us in our table. His name is Mr. Saiful. We enjoyed our last lunch. At that time, Raja said that he want to be CEO of PETRONAS one day. That attracts our trainer’s attention. During evening last session, we were given an interesting topic; what is the most important thing will I do if I would be the CEO of Petronas. Haha…I’m not shocked to hear that topic. “As expected...”, I said it to myself. Hmm…that time, what in front my eyes was a blank foolscap paper. There was a watermark on the paper wrote ‘PERMATA-INSTEP’. I got an idea. What is the purpose of PETRONAS found this subsidiary company? I quest it in my mind. Realizing one of the purpose why PETRONAS founded Petronas Management and Training Sdn.Bhd. a.k.a PERMATA is to increase its workers’ productivity, I choose to increase my company productivity if I am the CEO of PETRONAS. The speech is handled after we had our last topic. We learnt about vocal variety for the last topic. There are 4 elements in varying our vocal;

  1. Volume (Loud or soft)
  2. Tone (High or low)
  3. Speed (Fast or slow)
  4. Pauses

I prepare for the last speech before the graduation speech. I’m actually practice my practice in front of mirror. So, I ask permission from Mr. Azmi to go to the toilet. Inside the toilet, I practice in front of the big mirror inside it. The result is, not bad! Mr. Azmi said that I’m almost complete speaker. Haha…I just use my skill in acting. In acting we use such skills to attract audience and to emphasize important things. After finishing our last speech, Mr. Azmi gave us a topic for our graduation speech. The topic was ‘What is my ambition and what make it important for PETRONAS?’, I was shocked when I’m called by Raja as the first speaker. Just imagine what happen to me that time, I told Raja that I don’t want to be the first speaker just because I’m not ready. I just gave a speech that not properly managed. I just talk whatever I got in my mind. It was the worst speech I ever had in the 2-day program. At least, I learn something. I just finish my course after 1800 GMT. After that, I packed my things and get ready to check out. It was the saddest time for me.

Ok..see you in my new entry..

by Penulis Pahang


Shape Your Words, Shape Your Future - Lecture delivered at INTAN - 11 May 2008

Shape Your Words, Shape Your Future

By leLabu on Aug 6, 2008 in Bahasa

Rumusan Ceramah “Shape Your Words, Shape Your Future”
oleh En Azmi Shahrin

Pengucapan awam (public speaking) yang bagus bukanlah boleh dicapai sehari dua tetapi memerlukan latihan yang konsisten dan berterusan. Perkara penting yang perlu diutamakan oleh seorang pengucap awam (speaker) adalah mengatasi rasa gemuruh dan dapat memberikan ucapan dengan penuh keyakinan dan sebutan yang jelas. Ini perlu supaya semua pendengar dapat memahami apa yang ingin disampaikan oleh seseorang pengucap awam itu.

Empat petua yang perlu diikuti untuk menyampaikan pengucapan awam yang berkesan adalah salah satunya ialah memvariasikan kekuatan suara (volume) dan juga memvariasikan kelajuan pengucapan (speed) mengikut keadaan-keadaan yang bersesuaian dengan apa yang ingin disampaikan. Sebagai contoh, apabila menceritakan sesuatu situasi kecemasan, elok pengucapan itu dilajukan sedikit bagi memberikan pendengar lebih gambaran bahawa apa yang disampaikan itu bersifat kecemasan atau situasi perlakuan yang pantas.

Jika apa yang ingin disampaikan pula berbentuk sedih, maka amatlah wajar suara itu tidak dikuatkan (tetapi tidaklah sampai tidak didengari) dan diucapkan secara perlahan-lahan agar pendengar juga dapat menghayati apa yang ingin disampaikan. Agak kekok jika sesuatu yang sedih diceritakan dengan suara yang kuat dan laju kerana pendengar tidak akan dapat menghayati apa yang disampaikan.

Pengucap awam juga perlu mengelak daripada bercakap terlalu laju agar dapat mengurangkan penongkat kata. Penongkat kata adalah perkataan yang tidak bermakna seperti “er..” dan “em..” yang disebut semasa memikirkan perkataan seterusnya yang ingin diucapkan. Penongkat kata ini selalunya muncul apabila seorang pengucap awam itu bercakap lebih laju daripada berfikir atau menyusun ayat.

Semasa menyampaikan pengucapan awam, seorang pengucap awam perlu berdiri dengan betul agar pendengar dapat menumpukan perhatian kepada apa yang ingin diucapkan dan supaya pendengar tidak rimas dengan gerak geri penyampai. Cara yang berdiri yang betul sewaktu menyampaikan satu pengucapan awam adalah dengan berdiri tegak dan membuka kaki selari dengan bahu. Ini adalah cara berdiri paling ideal semasa menyampaikan pengucapan awam. Tangan seorang pengucap awam pula boleh diangkat seperti dalam keadaan membaca doa iaitu tapak tangan diangkat separas dengan dada.

Dalam keadaan berdiri seperti ini, pengucap awam boleh menyampaikan ucapan dengan selesa dan boleh memberikan isyarat tangan dengan selesa sekiranya perlu.

Satu lagi petua penting dalam memberikan pengucapan awam yang baik adalah dengan memberikan mimik muka yang sewajarnya sewaktu menyampaikan ucapan. Sebaiknya mimik muka sudih diberikan sewaktu menyampaikan satu situasi yang sedih dan mimik muka gembira dilakarkan semasa menceritakan sesuatu yang menggembirakan. Mimik muka yang sesuai boleh menjelaskan sesuatu yang ingin digambarkan oleh seseorang pengucap awam.

Petua terakhir untuk memastikan apa yang diucapkan oleh seorang pengucap awam mendapat perhatian daripada pendengar adalah pandangan mata “eye contact” pengucap awam yang dapat ditujukan kepada semua pendengar. Dengan memandang kesemua sudut dewan atau dengan mengadakan pertemuan mata dengan semua pendengar akan membuatkan pendengar lebih berminat untuk mendengar apa yang ingin disampaikan oleh seseorang pengucap awam.

Namun begitu, mustahil untuk seorang pengucap awam memandang ke arah semua pendengar. Oleh itu, seorang pengucap perlu bijak memandang pendengar. Salah satu cara mengadakan pertemuan mata dengan semua pendengar adalah membahagikan dewan kepada beberapa bahagian. Apabila menyampaikan ucapan, pengucap awam boleh memandang ke suatu arah selama beberapa saat dan mengalihkan pandangannya ke sudut lain pula. Pendengar akan beranggapan bahawa seorang pengucap itu telah menguasai keseluruhan dewan kerana telah melakukan pertemuan mata dengan kesemua pendengar.

Sebagai kesimpulan, pengucapan awam yang baik dan berkesan boleh dihasilkan dengan beberapa langkah iatu dengan memvariasikan kekuatan suara dan kelajuan ucapan, berdiri dengan betul dan selesa, membuat mimik muka yang bersesuaian dengan isi ucapan dan yang terakhir adalah memastikan berlaku eye contact antara pengucap awam dan pendengar. Namun, perkara asas yang paling penting adalah menghilangkan rasa gemuruh terlebih dahulu sebelum memulakan pengucapan awam. Ini dapat dilakukan tidak lain tidak bukan hanyalah dengan membuat latihan yang konsisten dan berterusan.

by Rosli Hassan


When I was Toastmastered…

I was asked to attend a Toastmaster Program, but i was rather skeptical of the program as i had attended a year of public speaking class and i am required to attend a week long english program powered by PETRONAS. Putting on a positive mind, i drove as early as 6.30a.m. to Bangi, not knowing the whereabouts of the said place. Unfamiliar faces but managed to get along with the others.

i ended up enjoying the 2 days class. the speaker, mr azmi shahrin managed to capture my attention. that is so unlikely of me to focus in class and participate joyfully. we were given a crash course on public speaking, the do’s and dont’s of public speaking, and shown of clips of good speeches.

friends were great. they are all good in english. minimal speech crutches. i benefited a lot from the program. though my english is okay, still need to be brushed up here and there. i talk with lots of speech crutches. good thing is i am applying what ever i got from the program whenever i have an opportunity.


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