14 November, 2011

Blog homepages for azmi shahrin

It can't be denied that the blog is a very useful tool for marketing and promotion. Examples are abound. I myself use the blog for this purpose besides communicating with the public. Out of all the blog publishers, I find that blogger.com is the easiest to set up and publish.Therefore, I recommend the blog for those in desperate need for promotion.

I have several blogs and this is one of the many blogs that I keep. Although this blog is on the topic of Public Speaking and Business Presentation Skills, I sometimes digress and write about other stuff. I apologize for the digression. 

The other reason why the blog is popular is because of its earning potential through the seamless integration of AdSense. I have seen examples of bloggers earn sinful amounts of revenue from the blogs but I don't have that luck with my blogs. To succeed one needs the good fortune to find a niche, and the requisite knowledge and experience to blog about that particular niche. But having said this its easier said than done. If it was easy, I would be laughing to the bank already. Imagine posting to the blog from the beaches of Bali. Yeah, keep dreaming baby. 

There are several Blog homepages for azmi shahrin. I keep them for promotion motives and seo objectives. Hopefully, one day all my effort will bear fruit.

Azmi Shahrin receiving his Distinguished Toastmaster award 

Azmi Shahrin


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